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Abbott's Creek Surveying is a corporation owned and operated by Brad K. Curry, P.LS. Mr. Curry is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor by the State of North Carolina.
Abbott's Creek Surveying is located in Lexington, North Carolina and serves most of the State.
Providing Professional Land Surveying, Brad K. Curry, P.L.S. offers his services to the State of North Carolina with the experience and qualifications that you can trust. Whether you are an Architect, Contractor, Developer, Engineer, Home Owner, or Real Estate Professional, Mr. Curry will help guide you during the process to ensure that your project becomes a reality.
We provide professional services such as consultation, investigation, testimony, evaluation, planning, mapping, collecting and interpreting  measurments and information relative to the location, size, shape or physical features of the land and improvements on the land.
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